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06 August 2009 @ 12:02 pm
ogenki de.....  
Konichiwa ^^
minna san genki??
im quite genki...(^^)~mix all d languages >_<
do u guys know bout h1n1 virus@influenza A???
omg!!its been a serious case nowadays....
recently in my country a 3 yr old gurl die bcuz of dis virus...
so i hope u guys stay healthy n beware of d viruses (although u cant c them wif our naked eyes ^^)
i hope all JE BOYS  stay healthy n fit..(wat am i saying?? healthy??then fit??watever...>_<)

about dis pict of ryo-chan(ofcoz it doesnt hav anything to do wif that virus.).(.>_<)
kedo..KAKKOIIIIII deshou!!!! @_@...
eventhough he him self prefer black hair (n ofcoz it suits him well cuz he like natural ^^)
but isnt he look hot wif brown hair????

yabai....again *bleeds*

minna odaijini ^^

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